December 5, 2019 by PWM



$19.95 BTL./$102.00 6-PACK

 LIBRARY SELECTION!  Petite Sirah is a black-skinned grape variety, with Petite Sirah being its North and South American name.  Everywhere else it is called Durif. 

From the Rhone in 1880, Dr. Durif released his new grape to the world after he noticed a natural crossing (most likely due to cross-pollination) from one of his Peloursin vines.   It was not until 1996 that Californian ampleographers identified Durif's other parent as Syrah. This was an important revelation, but not surprising given Petite Sirah's name and the visual similarities between the two grapes.

We were recently visited by our old drinking buddies from our days in the bay Area who are now proud owners of Shannon Ridge who happen to make what wine writer Robert Parker “One of the top #5 Petite Sirah-based in the world.   Their Petite Sirah vineyard was planted by by UC Davis Viticulture program soon after prohibition ended & while they have just released their 2018 ($23.00 at the winery) they also let us sample a bottle of their 2013 to show how well these wines age.  A BIG MISTAKE ON THEIR PART!

While the 2018 is an awesome wine with a great future ahead of it, the 2013 Petite Sirah was absolutely STUNNING RIGHT NOW!    We have made arrangements to bring in a small amount & the price is absolutely insane for what is in the bottle!

The 2013 Petite Syrah is utterly convincing from the very first taste. Waves of inky black fruit, tar, licorice, menthol and violets hit the palate as the wine shows off its massive pedigree. Juicy, expressive and beautifully perfumed, the Ewine brings together all of the best elements of the Petite Sirah. A huge, powerful finish rounds things out. This is a great showing.