February 16, 2016 by PWM



$19.95 BTL./$102.00 6-PACK

    Once again, we must stand back up on our wine-box to implore you to Experience the joys of the still relatively undiscovered yet fabulous & ridiculously valued wines of Portugal.   The Quinta do Vallado turned 300 years old last year & this famous Douro estate has once again produced a wine that rivals almost any in the world.

    This 2013 Quinta do Vallado's Douro Red is the perfect wine to introduce you to this exciting region. Portugal's dry red wines are starting to be taken very seriously on the world stage, in fact on the 2014 Wine Spectator Top 100 list, wines #1, #3 & #4 were all from the Douro region of Portugal.  Crafted by the same winemaker that made the #4 wine in the world in 2014, Quinto do Vallado consistently produces award winning, high quality reds that deliver intense levels of enjoyment. At just $17.00 a bottle in a six pack this 2013 Tinto is an old vines field blend (with 69% of the grapes sourced from vines 80+ years old, and 31% Touriga Nacional from 10-15 year old vines). Seeming full in the mouth, with a velvety texture, ripe sexy black fruits, earth, spice from the French oak, beautifully balance and the finish is almost eternal. This is a dramatic wine that calls for Big Dishes yet is absolutely delicious all on its own.  We have had difficulty getting any of this wine for several years due to the limited amount imported & because the importer was a Jerk.  A new friendly importer has given us the entire 35 cases allocated to the Northwest & even invited us and any of our customers to the estate for a tour!  COOL!