March 18, 2020 by PWM



$7.95 BTL./$45.00 6-PACK


Ok, we’ve heard from the Republicans, Democrats, Radio nutballs of all stripes AND some guy in a clown suit on Hawthorne giving away $20 bills. The election is just over eight months away but we still have to fight traffic, go to work in the morning and pay taxes. So, here is OUR manifesto for the coming political cycle wherein we affirm that we are NOT trying to be all things to all people but Do have enough substance to please most anyone with an open mind:

We can be Liberal: Since the ‘Old Grape Network’ is so thoroughly entrenched (helped along by all the marketing weasels who couldn’t get work in the Record Biz so they went to work for wine distributors), we believe emphatically in Varietal Affirmative Action, actively promoting Rueda over local Pinot Gris, Italian Barbera over watery Pinot Noir, Old Vine Zinfandel over sugared Merlot and Prosecco or Cava over expensive but lousy sweet bubbles in our ever ending fight for a level playing field on your dinner table.

We can be Conservative: If your winery was (over) built ten years ago with borrowed money at high interest on expensive land that could be used to house Silicon Valley gazzilionaires instead of vineyards and you ‘need’ to get $80 a bottle net wholesale for your first vintage of Merlot to make your loan payments yet comparable wines are available from Europe or the Southern Hemisphere for 20 cents on the dollar, please don’t cry to us when you should just let the Global Marketplace do its work.

Our Economical Goals: We want you to be able to buy twice as much wine but spend half as much money with NO compromise in quality and we believe this is possible but that it is a lot more fun as well.

And we will NEVER budge from our core beliefs that among other things: Duck Fat is good for you. A good dry Rose’ is a better solution to more foods than most Chardonnay. Telemarketers must be executed without benefit of trial. That if Bill Gates would just ‘innovate’ a cure for Spam e-mails than people wouldn’t hate him so much. And, most importantly, most wine is not supposed to be Art with a capital ‘A’, it’s GROCERIES!!!

       Which brings us to the biggest elephant in the room, How the Hell can we offer a delicious 2009 single vineyard Zinfandel from Washington State that was released at $25 for a mere $7.50 by the 6-pack?!?