June 4, 2019 by PWM



$7.95 BTL./$40.00 6-PACK

       Exhibiting the nimble precision and unrivaled genius of the 18th-century Viennese prodigy, PWM’s new wine buyer Spennie O, navigated several wine distributors Friday evening in a staggering display of talent reminiscent of Mozart himself.  Delicately maneuvering the mouse along his desktop as though striking the first chord of the ‘Coronation’ Concerto on an ornate fortepiano, Spennie began by opening an Internet Explorer browser window to serve as the staves upon which he would orchestrate his newest masterpiece.

        “I usually go to Catalogs first, since they have lots of good information,” said Spennie, who deftly moved through various pages as though effortlessly penning arpeggios with a plumed quill.  “Don’t forget to check wines from lesser appellations.  That is where the deals lie.”

      “Always buy at the end of the month so you can get the lowest prices,” the virtuoso deal finder continued, accelerating to a molto allegro pace of beautifully accented mouse clicks.  Just as Mozart once interwove woodwinds, brass, and strings to create the transcendent Symphony No. 25 in G Minor, Spennie negotiated with six different distributors on his browser to arrange a Grand wine for a fraction of its original cost, creating shimmering crescendos of flavors, whimsical trills of beautiful richness, and sweeping glissandos a mere $40 by the 6-pack.

        While narrowing our Steal of the Month options, Spennie took a stray piece of paper and, as Mozart once scrawled the notes of an enchanted sonata 250 years earlier, wrote down several deals by hand for a final comparison.  Then, with his curser hovering over the ‘send’ button like a raised baton about to import the emphatic cadence of the ‘Jupiter’ Symphony’s final movement, Spennie concluded his latest triumph, the 2014 Garnacha from Castilla & Leon. 

    This Navas Garnacha sees no oak, and is all the better for it. Plenty of black cherries, black raspberries, dusty/loamy soil notes, a touch of underbrush, pepper and spice are all present in this ripe, medium-bodied, luscious and delicious wine that we can offer up for a ridiculous price!