June 30, 2018 by PWM



$5.95 btl.

     I remember when I was but a child & my father took me down to the bank to opened my first savings account with a deposit of $5. That's what Dad's do.....but those times are long gone and today the world is a very different place. So, having two sons it was now my turn.
      Welling with pride I made an initial $50 deposit, to help my two sons open their first offshore bank account. These are the kinds of things you live for as a dad: getting to watch your sons start funneling vast sums of untraceable wealth through a shell corporation of his very own. I recall that it was around this age that my uncle Ralph first sat me down and taught me the ins and outs of stashing capital far away from the prying eyes of the IRS. I’m just glad I get to help guide them through this important rite of passage. They may not realize it now, but laundering money through quasi-legal banking operations in the middle of the Indian Ocean is a skill they’ll use for the rest of their lives. I want to savor this moment, since “in the blink of an eye” I'll be buying their way into college.
      Which brings up the question that I was confronted with by one of our competitors who alleged that our pricing was something right out of the Dark Web. Well, yes the content of our Deals may seem like something that would only exist on darknets. Just because we often employ the use of overlay networks that use the Interweb with our required PWM specific software that allows us to specially configure, negate the need for authorization & access the parts of the Web not indexed by clearnet search engines doesn't mean we are doing anything nefarious. And since the dark web forms just a small piece of the overall deep web we refused to confirm nor deny if our intentions are sinister in nature.
      Which brings us to our latest unencrypted offering from deep in the dark heart of Mendoza, Argentina. Altos del Playa is owned by the French Bordeaux estate Cheval Blanc which coexists with some Argentine interest which are cloaked in anonymity. But at $5.95 a bottle for this gorgeous Cabernet Sauvignon with 6 years under its belt & loaded with flavors one associates with Cabernets found on the top shelf at very high sticker prices who cares if the only place you can find it is on the vast, secret cyber underground which is PWM!