April 30, 2017 by PWM



$7.95 BTL. /$72.00 CASE ($6.00)

          We were recently reminiscing about  one of our greatest inspirations, musicologist Alan Lomax, who had dedicating more than seventy years to recording, preserving and evangelizing about what he called The Global Juke Box, meaning the incredibly diverse musical heritage of the human race. In his quest to make the songs and hence the stories, emotions and histories of every nook and cranny of not just the US but the world available to us he discovered artists such as Leadbelly and Muddy Waters, preserved songs like Home on the Range and Good Night Irene from extinction and inspired not only the Broadway hit “Jelly Roll!” but the techno-tribal sounds of Moby. You may ask how this relates to wine. It is simple: He recognized that mass communications and the industrialization of the music business led directly to standardized, mass-produced and cheapened culture everywhere…which led him to conclude that if those absolutely precious differences are ignored we are going to lose them and then, in his words, “there will not be any place to go and no place to come home to as it will all be the same”. Which is EXACTLY what is going on in the world of wine and is what we fight against every day by bringing you  delicious but VERY local wines like this Vieux Papes Rouge.

        A hearty Rhone Valley blend of primarily Grenache with lesser amounts of Mourvedre & Syrah producing what has to be the best priced red in my quiver.  It is easy drinking all by itself or it will go with just about anything you throw at it!  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!