August 31, 2022 by PWM



$5.95 BTL.

     COOKIN’ WITH RUDI! Dr. Vino is usually up to his neck in good reds (this month we go Sicilian) he is also quite the foodie too! YOU GOTTA EAT! And while he can & has expounded in length on the virtues of regional foods & wine matching, his latest endeavor to pick the wines to accommodate Rudi’s Giuliani’s soon to be released cookbook ‘Cookin’ with Rudi’ is turning out to be a major challenge. Rudi is a master chef and believe it or not when it comes to cooking he is very lucid.  The book is comprised of recipes Rudi has collected over his illustrious career fighting crime & saving the World and includes some of the Iconic dishes from his travels to Russia, New York, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, the Ukraine & Russia (again) including Senators in a Blanket, Censure Salad, Partisan Pie as well as some of the current faves Supreme Court Upside Down Cake, Sautee Fraud Legs, Subpoena Souffle & the West Virginia inspired Manchian Two Ways, and the dessert dish that is currently taking Washington by storm Im-peachment Cobbler. The dishes are easy to prepare & quite affordable (with taxpayer money no doubt) & they can be enjoyed by members affiliated with either party. In our favorite chapter, Rudi takes us into the kitchen of Senator Ted Cruz as he prepares his signature dish Texas Fowl in which he amusingly confides with the author “that sometimes eating crow tastes a lot like chicken.”  And if this book is a success Rudi is loaded with recipes that will be included in his sequel ‘Pardon my French’. 

       Which brings us to our little number from the Island of Sicily!  Dr. Vino believes you don’t have to pay an arm & a leg to get a great bottle of wine & while most of our elected officials are on an expense account (ours!) we the people seem to have to balance the books at the end of the month.  The 2015 Mandrarossa Nero d'Avola Costa Dune begins with an alluring aroma of sour red cherry, black cherry, ripe plum and spice. The medium-bodied wine tastes smooth and is loaded with red cherry, ripe raspberry and black cherry fruit along with some well integrated peppery spice and nice touches of licorice. It ends dry and smooth with a lasting sweet plum and licorice finish.