May 5, 2020 by PWM


If you go Dreamy over a nice Creamy Chardonnay READ ON!  There are Chardonnays that are lean, crisp & minerally – this is NOT one of those.  This is an old school ‘California style’ Chardonnay which exudes the ripe green apple, tropical & vanilla aromas and flavors to the nines.  If you don’t think you like this style we highly recommend you invest in a nice Dungeness Crab or Lobster and skip the butter just drink this instead!     $9.95 BTL./$51.00 6-PK(8.50)


2010 WYNDHAM ESTATES CABERNET SAUVIGNON (SE AUSTRALIA)                                          

This is for adherents to the Credo Affumato of the Holy Conclave of Smoke & Violets, Reformed:  A well aged Cabernet Sauvignon from one of Australia’s oldest producers.  Deeeep dark black cherry, cassis, ripe plum aromas that are echoed on the palate.  Smooth, rich & Classy.  WANT TO BE ENLIGHTENED??  How does $ 8.50 by the 6-pack grab ya!?     $9.95 BTL./$51.00 6-PK