April 17, 2019 by PWM



$19.95 BTL./$102.00 6-PACK

         This old, historic estate, owned by the Roquette family, is on everyone’s short list for the designation “best dry wine producer in Portugal,” and with good reason. This is one of the estates that turbo charged the dry red revolution in modern Portugal.  They have had wines in the Wine Spectator’s Top 100 four times in the last decade & thus their wines are virtually impossible to find stateside.  I have arranged to visit them in the fall to beg for wine but at present we have made arrangements to get a very minute quantity of their 2016 Quinta do Crasto Estate Red which if you enjoy the wines of Iberia you are going to want & I recommend you don’t hesitate.

           Located in a prime spot in the Douro Demarcated Region in Northern Portugal, Quinta do Crasto has been in the family of Leonor and Jorge Roquette for more than a century. Like all the other great Douro estates, Quinta do Crasto dates far back into ancient times. The name Crasto comes from the Latin castrum meaning “Roman fort”.  They have over 50 acres or vineyards and about 20 acres planted to olive trees which their olive oil is considered to be the finest in Portugal. 

         Broad range of fruits from dark and blue berries to some red cherry types as well, but without pushing too much into the limelight. A host of complementary aromatics including some minerality, green herbs (dried and fresh), faint pepper, black tea and vanilla. Fascinatingly versatile over time in the glass – hardly surprising given 49 known varieties in the mix (of which 3 whites, 1 unknown!!) from a field blend originally intended for port production 100 years ago in the Douro valley. A complete wine the 2016 will find its place among the other great vintages produced by this estate. VERY LIMITED!!!!


March 14, 2019 by PWM



$6.95 BTL./$36.00 6-PACK

       Warning:  This editorial is for our female patrons only!***  Ladies, have you noticed there is a pseudo religion surrounding the selection and consumption of wine, a product that should be intrinsically more akin to groceries than art?  A strange way of thinking that seeks to narrow the discussion by eliminating whole styles and countries full of wine so that direct (sports/warlike) comparisons can be made, always trying to quantify the impossibly diverse with scores & classifications then dictate absurd rituals be performed before the sacrament is consumed?  What up wit ‘dat???

         Like most of Western Civilization, this is part of a grand conspiracy propagated by a gang of rich, white (primarily British), mostly dead MEN!!!  And they mostly look and act more like Benny Hill meets Rumpole of the Bailiwick than say Sean Connery.  This cult was then popularized in America by an attorney from D.C. and a cigar huckster who hangs out with Rush Limbaugh.  So what does this have to do with you and your girlfriends wanting to know what wine to drink while having some pasta and binge watching Game of Thrones?  NADA, ZIP, ZERO, NOTHING!!!!!  And since 60% of all wine is purchased at retail by women anyway, WHY DO YOU STAND FOR THIS???

          Furthermore, since Mr. Testosterone over there seems to think that bottle of Domaine Ink Cabernet from Rutherford Dust he read about in the Wine Expectorator (99/100 but undrinkable for ten or twenty years, if ever) is the only solution to every wine question, we’re depending on YOU to bring home something interesting, food friendly and reasonably priced to change the channel.  Then, having lulled him into lowering his defenses, you can ask him a trick question like weather your hips look bigger in your blue dress or your red slacks and whether he really thinks your roommate/sister/boss is sexy and watch him jump through hoops like a schizoid poodle while you enjoy a second glass of this amazing Spanish red from Old Castille Spain.

         This 2014 Quinta Alves Tinto comprised of a delicious blend of Tempranillo, Merlot, Cabernet Franc & Graciano and has all the bells & whistles one expects in a much more expensive red…….cause it was!  Exhibiting aromas of toasty black fruits with milk chocolate in the background, this is a superrich effort with terrific depth & concentration & a joy to drink for a very humble price.