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       We don’t get much Hate Mail here at PWM (actually we don’t get any) except for this unsigned letter we recently received complaining about our use of Fonts!  Yes, Fonts. 

        I know fonts have a rich and fascinating history, dating back thousands of years. The Empires of the Mediterranean were built on fonts, like Cuneiform and the Phoenician script. Fonts had their destructive power, too, playing a part in the eventual fall of the Ottoman Empire. When the Turks presented Sultan Suleiman with a scroll written in Reverse Cooper Black, the Sultan went berserk, ordering that all their heads be chopped off and displayed on his mantle. It's true!  So, Mr. or Mrs. PWM Hater I bet you thought I was Font-ignorant!?!  Think again. 

         I'll also point out that the Bodoni you used, with a cap height of a mere 11 points, is probably the most inexpressive font around. And if that weren't enough, demi weight moderns have been out of style since the early '80s! Maybe if you spent less time mocking what you obviously don't understand, and a little more time trying to comprehend the subtle science of font usage, your letter wouldn't look like it had been typed by a chimpanzee!

        Hey, as much as I hate to preach, now is the time when I have to get on the old soapbox: No more Futura Bold Condensed! I mean, really! It's such a precocious little font. I know it seems chic and irresistible, but show some restraint! People are using it everywhere, from Surgeon General's warnings to children's arithmetic books, and it really bugs me to see it used when a simple, moderate 18-point Helvetica Narrow Oblique would fill the bill without the pretension. Please, don't fall in the trap of using inappropriate fonts to make up for unimpressive material.

         Oh, & by the way this month’s Steal of the month is super delicious Old Vine Garnacha blend crafted by one of the best producers in the Montsant.  At $6 by the sixer it is a No-Brainer. 

(This message is approved by Portland Wine Merchants & brought to you in the delightful ‘Comic Sans MS’ Font!)



$19.95 BTL./$102.00 6-PACK

       WillaKenzie Estate, named for the unique WillaKenzie soil with its vineyards near Salem, is perhaps best known for its exceptional Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and a commitment to sustainable farming.

The wine has a pretty ruby color, which is slightly translucent like most Pinot Noir, and it consistent from core to rim. The nose is wonderfully bright and full of intoxicating fresh red fruit like raspberry and strawberry. There is plenty of potpourris, boysenberry to found, as well as a hint of licorice. WillaKenzie is a renowned Oregon Pinot producer and this wine is an excellent example of Willamette Valley wines. The flavor is rich and nuanced with black licorice and fresh blackberries. It has a wonderful undercurrent of cloves that isn’t overpowering, with a raspberry and blueberry finish that leaves you wanting the next sip. This is an excellently structured wine that isn’t too light, while not being more overbearing than a Pinot should be - smooth from start to finish!


January 15, 2019 by PWM



$19.95 BTL./$102.00 6-PACK

         Antinori’s is one of the finest estates in all of the World.  They, in fact invented the ‘Super Tuscan’ with their Tignanello, Ornellia & Sassicaia bottlings which all have become too expensive to enjoy.  Yards away from the fields where the breathtaking Tignanello is grown Antinori produces a small amount of this Le Maestrelle Super Tuscan which they sell primarily in their enoteca & tasting room in Florence.  Through a NW connection we get a small amount of six packs of the Le Maestrelle every year & it has a sort of CULT status with us! 

           Wines from this Antinori property show an impressive and especially chiseled quality that gives them a very direct and immediate quality. These are frank and honest wines that stay true to the identity set forth years ago at this historic estate. They stay the course, so to speak. The 2013 Le Maestrelle is Sangiovese with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot that tastes nothing like the many blended Bordeaux-inspired reds you find in this part of Italy. Instead, the wine is all-Tuscan in its appeal, with sun-drenched cherry, Mediterranean herb and a pretty balsam note that recalls the thick underbrush and woods of the Chianti Classico countryside. This vintage soars in intensity and beauty. What better way to see the new year in!


January 14, 2019 by PWM



$6.95 BTL./$36.00 6-PACK

       On my last trip to Lisbon, I happened to be flying Iberia airlines from Madrid & read the following in the Airline Inflight Magazine about Portugal.  I found it so amazing that I ripped it out & stuffed in my coat pocket.  I read it to my Spanish flying companion & she swore that it was true.  I thought I would share it.  

        In the 1400s, Portuguese explorers set out to find a western passage to India.  Six centuries later, they’re still looking for it, as they are too proud to ask for directions from passing sailors, and too stubborn to consult the foldout map in their ship’s glove compartment.

        Although the Portuguese insist that they know where they’re going, they spent nearly two years sailing up and down the Mississippi River, once circumventing Iceland, and in 1876 passed the Bering Straits for what seemed like the 20th time in a one-month span.

         Unfortunately, when they finally asked for directions in 1902, they forgot whether they were supposed to make a left or a right at Barbados, and spent the next century complaining that their compass was “stupid” and that “everything in the Atlantic Ocean looked exactly the same.”

         In 2005, after 12 years at sea, two modern Portuguese explorers finally spotted land they believed to be India.  However, it was Portugal. 

         The quasi-vibrant Portuguese have a distinctively Spanish culture all their own.  With many half-hearted fiestas, plenty of partially unique customs and a dish they refuse to call “paella”, they enjoy a rich tradition of bordering a dynamic country.  They also love the sport of futbol del toro, a less violent form of bullfighting.  The animal is not killed but rather lulled into submission by being forced to watch a soccer match, after it is led drowsily from the ring.

        Well, we at PWM Love Portugal & after you taste this $6.95 bottle of delicious table red from Alentejano region you will agree.  Bursting with dark fruits (plum, blackberry), a nice touch of earth in a medium-bodied, and a “I Could Drink This Every Night” sort of deliciousness, we think you will agree!