September 5, 2019 by PWM



$19.95 BTL./$102.00 6-PACK

         POSTCARDS FROM PANZANO!  There are few places on this earth more beautiful than the Tuscan countryside.    No visit to the Chianti region in Tuscany would be complete without a visit to Panzano in Chianti at what may be considered as one of the most famous butcher shops in the world.  Dario Cecchini, butcher of the Antica Macelleria Cecchini needs no introduction. He rose to fame during the mad cow disease crisis when eating a ‘bistecca fiorentina’ or t-bone steak was prohibited for health scare reasons. He organised a funeral for the bistecca fiorentina and a plaque still commemorates the ceremony on his wall.

        This 59-year-old legendary Italian butcher has literally made Panzano in Chianti a tourist attraction in its own right. The family have been in the butchery business for eight generations BUT it is the family Chianti estate Gaglione in which we discovered over some salty Pork products that rocked our boat.

         Documents mentioning the Gagliole Estate date back to 994 A.D. and to this day are still producing one of the best Chianti Classico made.  The estate has never been available in the states before & through some backroom deals we have acquired 44 cases from an East Coast importer & are in the mood to share.

        The 2016 Chianti Classico from Gaglione is another benchmark wine from Tuscany that shows the incredible potential of this iconic vintage. This beautiful single-vineyard Sangiovese reveals a graceful side with dark fruit intensity, cherry, plum, fresh violets and tilled earth. Tar, tobacco and licorice appear as delicate background tones, giving more volume and texture to the wine's sensorial impact. This lovely Classico shows its own precise identity that is fiercely faithful to Sangiovese, but that also pushes the boundaries to go beyond our highest expectations of the grape in terms of color, concentration, aromatic complexity and staying power. That's the Panzano magic in a nutshell.  


September 4, 2019 by PWM



$5.95 BTL.

       A lot has been happening on Facebook since you last visited,” I’m told by the Russian bots or whoever it is that now controls the world’s most obsession-inducing social-media vortex. Meanwhile, the rulers of the Twitterverse remind me that I have been ignoring “99+ notifications” and, in what appears to be a vague attempt to rekindle a nonexistent digital conversation with my 116 followers, they inquire as to whether my email address has changed.”

        “Why don’t you ask Alexa?  Does your store have this app?  Is your inventory available in the cloud?  Pinterest? I don’t think so. Instagram? No thanks. Snapchat? Not so much. Have you gone viral?  SAY WHAT!?! You send out your newsletter by mail still? That’s adorable. Do you own a computer? Or even have electricity?”

        Yes, we are a bit old school & we wear that badge proudly! In fact, we even spin Vinyl…er records. Analog Baby! 

        Which brings us to exactly we found this little Washington Red from Stimson (made by Chateau Ste. Michelle) not through a computer forum or Linkidink but rather leaving the house and going all the way to Seattle.  Well, actually it was for a Football game but this is what we drank & believe you me it cost us a whopping $10 a glass.   We have gone through incredible difficult logistics to get this to PWM but we think you will agree it was worth the effort.

        Primarily Merlot, with a small amount of Cabernet Sauvignon & Syrah.  Full, rich, smooth & as easy on the palate as it is on your wallet.