Over 25 years of Celebrating Actual Diversity, Food Friendliness and Value!! Which is what we tell people when they ask, "So guys specialize in Oregon wines, huh?", forcing us to expain that what we are REALLY interested in is diversity of style (hence we stock scores of different grape varieties, not just hundreds of labels of the same old same old) and wines that both enhance our diverse cuisine and challenge your senses (instead of just being big fruit bombs slathered in oak that make a strong impression but then deaden your palate).

But, most importantly we are not only aware of the Global Marketplace but are famous for turning it upside down and squeezing it twice to find you the best deals.  So, this logically LEADS us to offering the largest selection of Spanish & Portuguese wines this side of Boston (plus outstanding wines from France, Italy, South Africa, South America, Slovenia, New Zealand, Australia, California & even wines from the Northwest) and more DEALS than you've ever seen.  Believe us, it would be a whole lot easier if we could source stuff like that locally but it wouldn't be half as much fun either for us or for you.

Thanks for your support and we will see you soon! - Rory.

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